Mobility Project

The Mobility Project ran from 2005 to 2006 to help bring simple, secure communication tools to more people. The project was initiated by Shane Coughlan and involved a team of four contributors working on email and later instant messaging applications. All of the tools were Open Source / Free Software so that everyone could use, study, share and improve the code.

Mobility Email

mobilityemaillogoThe Mobility Email client was a powerful email client that allowed people to send and receive secure emails as well as read news and RSS feeds. It supported industry standards like IMAP, POP3, SMTP, S/MIME and OpenPGP. The Mobility Email client was designed to work from any location on a computer or USB device. With no installation or configuration it allowed users to access virtually any email account, including webmail accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Gmail.  Most importantly, no personal data was left behind once the application was closed.

The Mobility Email client was Free (as in freedom) Software. Users could download it for free, get the source code for free, and share it with all their friends.

The last version of Mobility Email was and can be downloaded from SourceForge. You can also download the source code.

Mobility IM

mobilityimlogo2Mobility IM was a distribution of the Gaim instant messaging client. Mobility IM allowed users to talk on AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber, ICQ and Google Talk securely. It was available in fifteen languages and could be taken anywhere on a USB stick.

The idea was that users would only need to download the application, add their messaging account details, and start chatting. If another person is using a copy of Mobility IM, or a version of Gaim with Off-The-Record messaging, their conversation will be encrypted automatically.

The last version of Mobility IM was Development 6 (Beta 6) and is no longer publicly available.