Opendawn is proud to announce the immediate availability of a new free resource for Free/Open Source Software professionals. Today sees the launch of the FOSS library, a comprehensive listing of material covering everything from FOSS licensing to code governance to issue resolution.  This library will be updated and expanded over the coming months, and suggestions for additional listings or improvements are welcome.

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Shane Coughlan (Opendawn) and Armijn Hemel (Loohuis Consulting) published an article on

“Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) allows all stakeholders to use, study, share and improve code for commercial or non-commercial reasons. However, engagement can still appear daunting to companies. They are monetizing other people’s creations, and, with the high economic value of FOSS, making a mistake is less easily forgiven than it might be in non-commercial circumstances.

Fortunately, there is a substantial body of documentation available to help commercial stakeholders learn how FOSS licenses work, how to communicate effectively to resolve issues, and how to understand what expectations might exist beyond simple legal requirements. There are also several organizations acting as neutral educators dedicated to licensing, development, and governance issues.

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From today Shane Coughlan will act as Senior Advisor to Free Software Foundation Europe’s legal department and the associated European Legal Network.

His role will encompass the development of a growth strategy for the department and network, identification of external supporters for these services for FSFE’s permanent staff, and representing the organization towards donors, at industry events, public meetings and private functions.

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Shane Coughlan will attend the Japan Linux Symposium between the 21st and 23rd of October.  The Symposium will be based at the Akihabara Convention Hall and is hosted by the Linux Foundation.  Speakers will include Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby.  A talk that promises to be especially interesting is ‘How to Contribute to the Linux Kernel and Why It Makes Economic Sense‘ by James Bottomley of Novell.

Shane Coughlan (Opendawn) and Armijn Hemel (Loohuis Consulting) published an article on

“This article examines a field called compliance engineering. Compliance engineering was pioneered by technical experts who wanted to address misuses of software, and was made famous by gpl-violations.orgFSF, and similar organizations correcting Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) license violations. The field has grown into a commercial segment with companies like Blackduck Software and consultancy firms like Loohuis Consulting offering formal services to third parties.

Rather than attempting to examine compliance engineering in all market segments and under all conditions, this article will focus on explaining some of the tools and skills required to undertake due diligence activities related to licensing and binary code in the embedded industry. It is based on the GPL Compliance Engineering Guide, which in turn is based on the experience of engineers contributing to the project.”

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Shane Coughlan hosted a Continuing Legal Education seminar for lawyers on the California bar on behalf of the Japan Law Society on the 18th of June.  This seminar was located at the Yodoyabashi & Yamagami offices in Osaka and broadcast live via videolink to audience members at the Kao Corporation in Tokyo.

Shane discussed FOSS licensing and practical market engagement.  His talk focused on using copyright to regulate the distribution of creative work, and what ramifications FOSS has for other aspects of a traditional IPR portfolio such as patents and trademarks.

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