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“Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) allows all stakeholders to use, study, share and improve code for commercial or non-commercial reasons. However, engagement can still appear daunting to companies. They are monetizing other people’s creations, and, with the high economic value of FOSS, making a mistake is less easily forgiven than it might be in non-commercial circumstances.

Fortunately, there is a substantial body of documentation available to help commercial stakeholders learn how FOSS licenses work, how to communicate effectively to resolve issues, and how to understand what expectations might exist beyond simple legal requirements. There are also several organizations acting as neutral educators dedicated to licensing, development, and governance issues.

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Shane Coughlan produced a review of the WIPO WCT and WPPT copyright treaties for Yeshey Lham at the Intellectual Property Division (IPD) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Kingdom of Bhutan.  This review was focused on the implication of the treaties for Information Technology and the emerging Information Society.

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From today Shane Coughlan will act as Senior Advisor to Free Software Foundation Europe’s legal department and the associated European Legal Network.

His role will encompass the development of a growth strategy for the department and network, identification of external supporters for these services for FSFE’s permanent staff, and representing the organization towards donors, at industry events, public meetings and private functions.

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From today Shane Coughlan will act as an Advisor to the newly formed Copyright Office at the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture.

He will assist with the development of processes, issue resolution methods and integration with the international market.  One of his key activities will be building and managing communication with an international team of legal experts to contribute impartial, practical knowledge about Copyright, transaction management and cultural wealth.

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Shane Coughlan attended the ‘Asia-pacific Regional symposium on Copyright related aspects of information and communication technologies (ICT)‘ as a guest of the World Intellectual Property Organization.  The symposium was held between the 29th and 31st of July in Hanoi, Viet Nam.  Delegates from 13 countries were present, including Afghanistan, Bhutan, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, The Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Shane delivered three speeches at the event.  The first examined ‘What Are Internet Intermediaries and their Various Types?‘ from the perspective of how the Internet is currently organized.  The second contextualized the place of ‘Search Engines, User Generated Content (UGC) and Social Network Services (SNS)‘ in the economics of the digital sphere.  The third explored measurable economic value in more detail by presenting a case-study on ‘Blogging‘.

The symposium was co-chaired by Richard Owens, the WIPO Director of Copyright E-Commerce, Technology and Management Division and Takashi Imura, Deputy Director of the International Affairs Division at the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan.  The host was the copyright office of Viet Nam.

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