Version 2.0.2 of the Open Source Airframe released

Version 2.0.2 of the Open Source Airframe has just been released.

The biggest fix is that the Bill of Materials is now properly in-sync with the current airframe.

The download size has also been reduced 48.5% compared to the previous version, making it quicker and easier to share the design.

== Changelog ==

– Updated the Bill of Materials
– Removed unnecessary files, compressed video to save space
(we dropped from 16.5 to 8.5 MB, a 48.5% reduction in size)
– Removed the battery folder to reduce confusion (many options)
– Reordered the Tail Assembly directory to make it simple

Download the CAD schematics and the bill of materials here:

The link to the latest version of the files is always:

== Please note ==

We are in a period of rapid development right now. There are some upcoming beta technologies that will enter the design package, so if you are starting a build project you might want to remain flexible for a while.

Here is the beta test schedule for Oldham College:
– This week improved tail
– This week improved front fuselage
– 3 weeks new landing gear
– 4-5 weeks new wing

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