Third generation OpenRelief Airframe now available

The third generation of the OpenRelief Airframe is now available. It includes substantial improvements from the second generation airframe released in 2013 and many improvements to the third generation “beta tests” released in 2014.

The third generation OpenRelief Airframe

The third generation OpenRelief Airframe

The key changes are:

  • Updated design to reflect build improvements
  • Change to IAM/IPT file format
  • Clearer Bill of Materials

The airframe is simpler, tougher and more repairable than before. For example, it includes a completely redesigned tail and wheel section to address weaknesses discovered during the build process.

You can view the project page here:

You can download the design package from here:

Please feel free to use, share, adapt and remix. It is released under the TAPR Open Hardware License.

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