Third generation Open Source Airframe now in beta

Third generation tail

Third generation tail

The first beta of the third generation Open Source Airframe is now available here:

This generation is intended to be cheaper, lighter and easier to build than previous versions.

Ed and his team at Oldham college are fixing on a 6 foot long airframe with a 7 foot wingspan for now, though the slightly larger wing may introduce some speed and drag issues compared to the second generation airframe. Not to worry. The wings and tail will be modular to allow alternative surfaces to suit different power units.

As noted by Ed, the major changes in the first beta focus on a dramatically simpler tail (three parts instead of five):
” – Part count is reduced from 5 to 3 parts.
– Sandwich is supported to the edge preventing “clamping” of tail planes.
– Reduced bolt holes as glue is sufficient
– Tailplane flexing is reduced as forward bolt holes are now better supported.
– CAD format in dwg format and pdf format, notice layers within pdf top left hand corner.
In general, it has less parts, is stronger and has more symmetry.”

Comments and suggestions for improvements to the tail most welcome.

In the next betas you can expect to see an improved front fuselage, a new landing gear and a new wing.

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