Third beta of the new OpenRelief airframe now available

The third beta of the new OpenRelief Airframe is now available. This release is relatively minor and is intended as an incremental roll-out of our new design files. It includes the new bulkhead DXF and DWG files along with some illustrative images of this component’s build process.

You can download the design package from here:

The new OpenRelief Airframe

The new OpenRelief Airframe

There are some pending updates. These can be split into two parts:

  1. Improving understanding of how to review the current design files
  2. Expanding the design package to make assembly of the current testing airframe in Australia available to everyone

Regarding point (1), please expect one or two incremental updates to fix issues with the current Bill of Materials and so on. If you download the files and spot confusion points or errors please flag them to help improve this phase.

Regarding point (2), IPT and IAM files will be integrated to allow build of the airframe as recently shipped to Alan. As always, the designs go out under the TAPR Open Hardware License. We are aware not everyone has Autodesk Inventor and we will gradually work with everyone in the community to ensure the designs become more open and accessible over time. However, releasing our actual build files will help ensure that at least some universities and designers can independently build and test the system.

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