Third generation tail

Third generation Open Source Airframe now in beta

The first beta of the third generation Open Source Airframe is now available here: This generation is intended to be cheaper, lighter and easier to build than previous versions. Ed and his team at Oldham college are fixing on a 6 foot long airframe with a 7 foot wingspan for now, though the slightly […]

Drone Manager Overview

Introducing OpenRelief Labs, a way to summarise the work on vision and drone management

I’ve pulled together the threads on our vision and drone management software to provide a summary on the website: My trigger was that there has recently been some awesome code released by the CanberraUAV team, and I wanted to review where we had been as a prelude to exploring (and promoting) their work. I […]

Situation Simulation

Situation Simulation public draft

As you know, OpenRelief is about more than the technical aspects of disaster relief. It is a design project to help improve our responses via new ideas and new approaches. The robot plane we are developing is one part of this. The radiation sensor is another. However, we also need to address the question of […]

OpenRelief in

“The more people that have access to this technology, the more opportunity there is to get eyes in the sky where they are needed.” — Shane Coughlan A new article about OpenRelief has been published in Big thanks to Jan Piotrowski for conducting the interview and for helping to spread the word. See for more […]

Afternoon geek stuff

Got a moment? When not have a look at the slides from Ed’s airframe history talk at Open Source Hardware Camp 2012: (event URL: