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FOSS license compliance for companies
Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) allows all stakeholders to use, study, share and improve code for commercial or non-commercial reasons. However, engagement can still appear daunting to companies. They are monetizing other people’s creations, and, with the high economic value of FOSS, making a mistake is less easily forgiven than it might be in non-commercial circumstances. [Read more…]
First published October 21, 2009 on
FOSS compliance engineering
Compliance engineering was pioneered by technical experts who wanted to address misuses of software, and was made famous by, FSF, and similar organizations correcting Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) license violations. The field has grown into a commercial segment with companies like Blackduck Software and consultancy firms like Loohuis Consulting offering formal services to third parties. [Read more…]
First published September 28, 2009 on
FOSS licensing and consumer electronics
Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) license compliance is a contentious topic. There are different perspectives about when and how license terms apply, about which licenses can be used together, and about how potential issues should be resolved. The consumer electronics market is an area where FOSS license compliance is particularly problematic. This is primarily attributable to economic reasons rather than dishonesty, but in a market worth more than $335 Billion in 2008, it is an issue worth exploring. [Read more…]
First published September 14, 2009 on
Introducing the Risk Grid (allocating risk in FOSS transactions)
A Special Interest Group of the European Legal Network discussed issues around the commercial procurement of Free/Open Source Software, and methods to reduce or contain risk in transactions related to the supply chain. The outcome was the Risk Grid, a table designed to describe the different ways in which publicly available code could be infringed, with rows to separate out each instance, and with example wording to help in drafting procurement contracts for software projects which make use of Free/Open Source Software components. [Read more…] [Download the Risk Grid]
First published July 13, 2009 on

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