About Opendawn

Opendawn is a business and communication facilitator. We provide consultancy, education, editing and design services.  Our vision is to accomplish perfection in every market we enter and our mission is to deliver excellent and innovative services to customers.  Our specialties include inter-cultural communication, East-West business intelligence, Free/Open Source Software, process management and community engagement.

shane1Shane Martin Coughlan, General Manager

Shane Coughlan is an expert in communication methods and business development. He is best known for building bridges between commercial and non-commercial stakeholders in the technology sector. His professional accomplishments include establishing a legal department for the main NGO promoting Free Software in Europe, building a European legal network with over 200 corporate counsel, independent counsel, and technical experts across 27 countries, and aligning corporate and community interests to launch the first law review dedicated to Free/Open Source Software.   Shane has extensive knowledge of Internet technologies, management best practice, community building and Free/Open Source Software. His experience includes engagement with the server, desktop, embedded and mobile  telecommunication industries. He does business in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and maintains a broad network of contacts.  Find out more on his View Shane Coughlan's profile on LinkedIn

John W. Moore III, Security Consultantjohn-moore

While serving in the Marine Corps, John was assigned to the Naval Security Group and involved with SIGINT Operations. Upon discharge, John attended college and upon graduation returned to work for the United States Government in the same capacities he performed in uniform. Now retired, John spends much of his time applying what he learned during his career to enhancing personal privacy and security. His areas of expertise include secure communication, security process, usability, public key encryption.  Find out more on his View John Moore's profile on LinkedIn


Opendawn is a sales partner of Greenbone Networks GmbH, a German vulnerability analysis firm. As part of this relationship we are helping to bring the Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) and associated Greenbone Security Feed to the Japanese market.

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